Improve Admin Page Functionality with Automatic Tax and Unit Cost Calculations

The Admin Order Modifier for WooCommerce plugin increases the functionality of the admin order edit screen. It adds automatic calculation and inclusion of taxes such as VAT when prices change. Using the extension, admins can avoid calculation errors when they make line-item changes and easily view those changes. Admins can also toggle additional line-item information and apply regular or sale pricing to a line item without leaving the edit screen. The Admin Order Modifier for WooCommerce plugin is also compatible with WooCommerce High-Performance Order Storage (HPOS).

The Admin Order Modifier for WooCommerce plugin augments what WooCommerce does so well adding interface enhancements. It works with line items, custom fees, shipping items, and refunds. Have confidence that your changes are correct with the Admin Order Modifier for WooCommerce plugin.

With improved line item viewing and editing you can:

  • View and edit order line items, custom fees, and shipping items including taxes
  • Edit order item unit costs
  • Adjust column positions
  • Edit based on item costs or item totals
  • Skip tax calculation on non-taxable products
  • Ensure refunds are correct

Change prices quickly

  • Apply regular or sale pricing without checking the product pricing first
  • Quick apply buttons added directly to the edit screen
  • Show a warning if the overall order total has increased after a price change

View line items quickly

  • View line-item information without leaving the order screen
  • Add quick-view toggle buttons directly to the edit screen
  • Add a quick link to the frontend product page

Configure settings

  • Only use the features you need
  • Settings are fully integrated with WooCommerce settings

Save time and effort and avoid calculation errors—augment your admin order edit screen now with the Admin Order Modifier for WooCommerce plugin.


Minimum PHP version: 7.2
Minimum WordPress version: 5.0
Minimum WooCommerce version: 4.7.2