What is a content management system?

Websites in general

When I talk about a website, what is the first thing that comes to mind?I doubt the word Content Management System would be the first thing. I usually picture a page on the internet with some text and some pictures that haven’t been updated in the last two years, because the owner has no ‘technical’ knowledge and didn’t want to pay the ‘web developer’ an exorbitant fee to make these rather simply changes. We call this a static website. Static because it is not easily changed and therefore doesn’t ‘move’.

Enter the Content Management System

Content Management System ExampleHere at Robot Dwarf we believe in giving our clients as much control as possible. For this reason, we specialise in building content management systems rather than plain old static websites.

A content management system (or CMS) allows the user (generally the owner) of the website to manage all the content (text, images, videos, etc) on the site without any need for technical skills! No HTML knowledge is required and no costly development charges when all you want to do is add some text to you ‘About Us’ page. A CMS allows you to create pages, menus, categories and even blog posts. When you’ve done that, why not upload a couple photos, videos or even audio clips. You can do all of these tasks in minutes. I always tell me clients that if you can use Facebook, you will be able to manage a content management system built by Robot Dwarf. We like making things simpler, not more difficult.

So it only makes life easier? Any other benefits?

Absolutely, there are some serious benefits to working with a CMS. Here are a couple major ones:

  • Cost savings – we already covered this one but, here it is again. Through the ability to add, remove and create content yourself, you save money of the life of your website.
  • Flexibility – you have many options in how your website looks and behaves as well as in the manner and style of how you display your content.
  • Adaptability – because you are using a dynamic and changeable system, you can modify it as your needs change. It therefore grows with you.
  • Security and peace of mind – regular updates and security patches are released to insure the safety of your data and information by staying one step ahead of potential threats. This is a major benefit!
  • SEO – content management systems are great for SEO! They make it easier to produce and management content on a regular basis which has tremendous value for the search engines.

Recommended platforms

WordPressWe love the WordPress platform here at Robot Dwarf and use it for 90% of all our web development projects. We have built complex ordering systems, portfolio websites, references websites, lead generation websites and pretty much any other kind of website you can think of, using WordPress.


CS-CartCS-Cart is a great e-commerce plaform and content management system. We prefer to build all our e-commerce website using the CS-Cart platform as it is allows for the simppy and easy management of products, orders, customers, and payment gateways.

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